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We all love our homes, and that is why we cherish every opportunity to extend, improve, redesign, or redecorate them. The freedom to remodel a home is one of the best benefits of owning property. A home renovation provides great opportunities to create a home that reflects the way you live.

There are a lot of ways you can transform the new space you get from a major home renovation. Renovec’s mission is to help you build a home that suits and adapts to your lifestyle. We are much more than regular remodelers or builders. Renovec is a comprehensive construction services provider whose focus is on building your home with innovation, lifestyle and artisticity in mind. When you choose Renovec to work on your home improvement projects, you are choosing a reputable and results-driven company that will help to improve your home so that it will exactly fit your lifestyle.

Explore Lifestyle Possibilities For Your Renovation Project:

Home Fitness Gym

Remember the last time you had to drive thirty minutes just to get to a workout session from your local gym? Are you frustrated already with wasting time on waiting for other people to get done with the equipment? As you know, the biggest challenge to maintain a workout routine is to actually show up. At the end of a stressful day, changing outfits and fighting traffic can be just enough to put a halt to any fitness schedule. If you’re fed up with this scenario day after day, then maybe it’s time to consider the convenience by having your own home fitness gym in your basement.

Renovating an unused basement into your personal gym is an amazing idea for people who love to stay fit. A basement makes an ideal location for a hard workout because the durable concrete floors won’t have trouble supporting the weight of your exercise equipment. Aside from that, a personal gym at home lets you invite friends over and  allows you all to do fun workouts together in a private space; this is something you can’t always do in your local gym.

You will save more time and money with your own personal fitness area at home. More importantly, this also means you will have more time to spend with your loved ones after a long day at work. Also, the money you’d have spent on local gym membership can be saved to buy other nice things for your family.

Renovec has experts who specialize in converting an unused basement into a homeowner’s personal gym. Give us a call so that together we can discuss, plan and design a personal home gym that fits your fitness lifestyle.

Home Office And Library

Among the latest trends in residential renovations is setting up a home-based office. An increasing number of people are choosing to work from home for many reasons. You might need a renovated home office space to share more precious time with your kids and family, or your lifestyle and work habit might require a home office to stay productive. Whatever your goal is, Renovec is ready to help.

It is important that a home office should not only be functional but provides comfort as well. If you are used to working in a cubical, you know how boring it can be. By creating a home office, you can do away with uncomfortable chairs, blank walls and bad lighting from your previous office.

Adults can do their work in the home office, but it can also accommodate the needs of your children. Here they can do their homework, organize school learning materials and even do arts and crafts activities. Instead of seeing your kids spill their homework all over the dining room table or living room carpet, you can keep an eye on them in a home office.

Home Theater And Entertainment

Almost everyone loves watching a good movie every now and then. Going to a theater to see the latest blockbuster is a popular form of entertainment, but it can be expensive. Between ticket costs and refreshments, a night out at the movie theaters can end up costing $50 at a minimum. Fortunately, with the sophisticated modern technology that is currently available, you can have a theater experience right in your home at an affordable price. This can be done with a room renovation specifically made for a home theater or entertainment area, such as a basement.

The great thing about home theaters is that they are tailored to suit your exact needs. You get to choose which equipment and furniture to buy and use in this area. The flexibility completely enables you to express your personality and enhance your experience in any way you desire. Your own home theater is a place where you and your family can enjoy private viewings whenever you want. And more importantly, a home entertainment space allows you to bond and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Aside from that, your home theater makes you a more versatile host or hostess to your guests. It is your go-to place to entertain your friends when there is a sports game or a popular tv show that is on. Additionally, your kids can bring their friends over for pajama parties or movie nights in the security and privacy of your own home.

Renovec has access to the best architects, electricians, engineers, and designers to create a quality home theater exactly the way you desire. We are experts in renovating rooms for entertainment purposes and we provide our clients with services that cater to their specific lifestyles.

Offering The Best Financing Options
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Renovec keeps it simple, easy and convenient for you.
We are currently offering 18 Month Interest Free Financing!

Custom Bathroom Design And Build-out

Anyone would love to have a nice, big bathroom. Walking into a beautiful bathroom is a wonderful way to begin or end our day. Renovec provides a large array of bathroom renovation services. Our flexibility means that your specific needs and styles are guaranteed. Our mobility friendly bathrooms and walk-in showers designs are perfect for the elderly and for the mobility restricted people.

Renovec also strives to add more value to you home by building a highly functional and visually appealing bathroom. Many homeowners found out that their homes sell a lot faster when their bathrooms have been remodeled. Your home will be priced higher if it has been renovated well.

Home Additions

Do you get the feeling that you are tight on space in your own home? If moving to a new neighborhood or buying a new property is not an option, then getting a second-floor addition might be the best solution for you. This type of home expansion does not need extra land for it to be developed. A multi-room renovation on the second floor might be the right idea for a house on a small lot.

Same Floor Addition

Planning on adding some extra living space to your home? Renovec offers the best home addition services that cater to your home improvement needs. Whether you want to add more space to accommodate growing children, or build extra floors to satisfy new living requirements, Renovec has got you covered. Our team of specialized professionals are willing to provide home improvement advice and quality addition services that meet your new living standards.

Second Floor Addition

There are different ways to add a second floor to your home. The first is to tear off the roof, build the second level and add a new roof on top of that. Another way for the job is to remove the existing roof, preserve it, and then have it installed back after the second floor has been added. Lastly, you can have a second floor added on top of an existing flat roof or garage, lowering the size of the addition that is needed.

Your second-floor addition will give you more room to expand your family. Just like what was mentioned earlier, you can have a room here where the kids can play and be themselves while you entertain your guests who are downstairs.

The goal of Renovec is to help its clients build a home that adapts to their exact lifestyle and needs. We want to provide services that are meant to match your personality and the way you live. Find out more by giving us a call!


Here at Renovec, we have helped many families renovate their entire homes. We help our clients whether they are fixing their homes so that they don’t have to sell it or if they want to buy a home that needs a lot of work done in their favorite areas. If they are on a tight budget, we help them with the complete process of searching for homes that are being sold below market price, and then we remodel them to become the dream home they have always desired.

In fact, our clients typically know how much the renovation costs are before they even put a bid on the house. We conduct thorough inspections and provide our clients with valuable information to help with the price negotiation. This type of major renovations often includes remodeling multiple rooms, covering interior and exterior doors and windows, electrical wiring, plumbing, air conditioning system installation or repair and much more!

Get a free consultation for your renovation project!

Get a free consultation for your renovation project!