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Commercial Construction

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Commercial Projects

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15+ Years Experience

Over the past 15 plus years, we have worked on a number of commercial projects. Through working in a multitude of different industries, we are equipped with the expertise, resources, and cutting-edge tools to service any need of yours.

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With Renovec, you no longer need to worry about finding separate contractors for design and build-out. Our professional commercial construction team is highly skilled and well trained to perform all necessary design and build jobs.

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Your satisfaction is our success. We always take pride in the quality work and outstanding results we provide to our clients. With Renovec, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our Services

Most Trusted Commercial Construction Company In Maryland

Acoustic Ceiling

The acoustic ceiling is a feature that is important in every commercial space. Apart from reducing ambient noise, it is also a cheaper way to decrease the height of an office. In addition, it conceals cooling and heating ducts, pipes, and wires, making the area look a little more appealing.

Whether you’re thinking about installing an acoustic ceiling or you want to repair an existing one, Renovec is the best place to contact! Our superior project management and well-trained crews will make sure your project will not only be completed on time, but more importantly, meets your expectations.

Our services include:

  • Stretch Fabric Wall & Ceiling Systems
  • Suspended Acoustical Wall Ceiling Systems
  • Wall and Ceiling Absorption & Diffusion
  • Decorative Metal & Wood Ceilings
  • Decorative Wall Frames
  • And More

Interior Remodeling

A professionally built and remodeled interior is important to any business to impress its customers. The inefficiency of your office can result in customer complaints. They may mistakenly jump to conclusions that your business renders low-quality services and sells inferior products. Therefore, it’s important that you make the proper investment in an outstanding interior presentation.Our ultimate goal is to help your business with a superior interior presentation through our high-quality interior remodeling services. With Renovec, you can expect speed, quality, and endurance all at once!

Renovec offers interior remodeling and repair services that would deal with:

  • Chipped Paint
  • Caulking and Sealing
  • Flooring Repair & Installation
  • Siding and Gutters
  • Roof Installation and Repair
  • Window and Door Replacement or Installation
  • Carpet Staining
  • And More

Doors & Frames

Doors are important because they provide privacy. It is responsible for the security and protection of your valuable assets and commercial space. A door is also the first impression of your business. A solid and well-designed door will make your business stand out even more.

Why need door and frame services? Over time, your door and its frame are subject to damages, therefore, it’s crucial to invest in the right materials and services for its repair. Renovec offers high-quality doors that are weather resistant, corrosion resistant, and fire-rated without sacrificing its appearance. Aside from the sophisticated design, customers’ positive reviews and feedback confirm the quality of the doors.

Finish Carpentry

Looking for the best carpentry services in Maryland? Through years of completing challenging carpentry projects, we have developed cutting-edge techniques for custom built cabinets, bars, mantles, and much more. We specialize in:

  • Interior and Exterior Door Installation or Replacement
  • Base Trim and Crown Molding Installation
  • Interior and Exterior Trim Installation and Replacement
  • Bead Board and Wainscoting Installation
  • Cabinet Installation and Repairs.
  • And More

Renovec is composed of highly experienced finish carpenters who are capable of doing the job flawlessly. Contact us today for a free estimate and walk-through of your project!


Demolition is the term used when tearing down a home, a building, or any structures that are man-made. It uses manual or mechanical power to fulfill the job. However, when it comes to commercial demolition, it is more than just wrecking the large commercial buildings, instead, it is an art that needs to be detailed.

Renovec provides demolition services that are handled by experts who know the ins and outs of commercial projects. Therefore, you’re guaranteed that we will deliver the desired result. Moreover, our highly-skilled contractors are capable of doing an excellent job, regardless if it’s in an open field or inside small spaces.

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Glazing is important as it improves the appearance of your store/building front. Moreover, it protects your business and your clients from the rain, sun, and snow as well as dust, insects, and dirt. To do the job right, you need a meticulous, talented glazier who will perform the installation, cutting, and removal of the glass. Renovec is the home of talented, highly skilled and dedicated glaziers who have years of working experience with various commercial glazing projects.

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A fixture is anything that is installed to the commercial space rather permanently. Most of it is attached using nails or screws such as lighting, awnings, plumbing, and bookcases. Installing a fixture, may it be in ceiling or walls, is crucial and it should only be done by the professionals and experts.

With Renovec, you can rest assured that your project will be completed in a timely manner. The professional installers on our team are capable of remodeling and building new and existing fixtures that will surely add character and value to your commercial space. We also install custom specialty fixtures for a more personalized space.

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Renovec offers a one-stop solution when it comes to custom design and build services. You will never have to worry about spending extra money hiring separate contractors to perform different parts of the project. Our proven results and dedicated project management teams have made us the best design and build services in Maryland.

Choosing the right contractors to work with can help your company maximize savings and best utilize your commercial space. Effective communication is the key to a successful project, especially if it is a complex one. Our architecture and construction teams work together to ensure a highly effective and streamlined work process. Our mission is to bring you value-engineered solutions to your commercial design and build needs!

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