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Fit – out, what? For those not really up to date with what’s going on in the commercial property industry, the term is nowhere near familiar. A fit-out construction project involves design and completion of a shell space with custom flooring, ceiling, electrical, mechanical, interior partitioning and environmental requirements. When we mention fit out, we need to start with the shell and core, which is the raw floor space bounded by walls. It may look like a finished structure outside when this shell and core is finished but the fit-out is what it makes the space ready for occupation.

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With today’s sophisticated technologies for telecommunicating, working from offices is no longer a hard requirement. In fact, today people can work from just about anywhere, which leaves most companies with one important question – how can we capitalize on this work style trend to trim our office space and real estate costs? The answer is effective fit-out construction.

It is no secret that a retail fit-out or office fit-out project is a complex process that involves many aspects. Besides acoustic ceilings, electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, glazing, carpentry, fixture installation, demolition, and framing, technology plays a key role in any office space. It is impossible to design and build a new office fit-out without considering the integration of modern technologies, such as wireless network, meeting panels, HDMI ports, display screens, etc. However, don’t let this complicated process stop you from building a productive and harmonious office environment. This is why Renovec is the preferred commercial remodeling and fit-out construction company in the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia region. Renovec offers a one-stop solution for all your office fit-out needs. By working with a fully licensed and insured one-stop-solution construction company like Renovec, the highest standards are guaranteed consistently throughout every phase of your project. Instead of communicating with multiple contractors at the same time, you only have one point of contact – Renovec. Whether you need help with electrical work or commercial interior remodeling, Renovec is ready to help. Our mission is to provide one-stop construction solutions to your business needs in the DMV Metropolitan area.

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To provide the best fit-out services in the DMV area, Renovec must always stay on top of all the latest styles, tastes, trends, and, of course, rules and regulations. The construction industry is very competitive and the following 4 must-know office fit-out trends are compiled and presented to you to keep your business on top. We have noticed these trends through our years of experience in serving numerous customers. We hope it can give you some great insights and help you make the best decision for your office fit-out project.

Turning Workstations Into Conference Spaces

Technology advancement has allowed many of us to work anywhere in the world remotely. This means we no longer have to occupy an office to perform our job duties. While most employers have found ways to shrink workstations, space for meetings and informal interaction is certainly growing. Although staff can work remotely from home, this virtual work style cannot substitute in-person meetings where innovative and creative ideas are born. In the recent years, we have seen a lot of companies expanding their office spaces to include meeting rooms for face-to-face collaboration and lounges and comfortable chairs for spontaneous intellectual conversations.

Get Ready To Part With Partitioned Office — Welcome The Era Of Open Office

Today, many companies, especially young startups are moving towards a much more open office space. Once partitioned by drywall, the new open fitout enclosed with glass partitions not only maximizes daylight throughout offices, but also allows more interactions amongst colleagues. More and more employers contact us and want their office space to be more open. An open space helps to promote a healthy work environment and improves interoffice communication, as people are more likely to exchange information when they can make eye contact more often.

Deal With Noise And Privacy In An Innovative Fashion

While an open office space offers many benefits, one major drawback is lack of acoustical privacy. With staff sitting closer together, especially without high partitions that help block the sound, the noise level can certainly rise, making it harder for people to focus on work.

We have worked on projects where we built small, enclosed and acoustically isolated spaces for any employee to use. If someone needs to take a phone call to deal with some sensitive personal matters while at work, such space would be a perfect solution for making sure others are not interrupted. This new fit-out design offers employees a lot of conveniences, as they no longer need to hang up and call back from outside of the office. Of course, Renovec also adopts other strategies, such as installing sound-absorbing ceiling tiles and flooring.

Fit-outs With Company Branding In Mind

If you are a business owner, then you must already know how important it is to market your brand. Every successful company we have dealt with in the past all have one thing in common – they all incorporate the company’s branding into their workspace. While this is not a recent trend, we have observed that more and more companies are moving towards a branded office fit-out. A number of companies who have previously hired us expressed they would like the new office fit-out to reflect their branding and company identity. A well branded workplace promotes high morality and brings out the best in your employees.

Free consultation about your fit-out project!

Free consultation about your fitout project!

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