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Renovec takes pride in delivering great value to our customers.  Our experience in deck and patio construction is second to none, and we always strive to deliver the best possible product for every project we undertake. As one of the leading deck and patio builders in Maryland, we are thrilled to enhance your lifestyle and to add more functionalities to your beautiful home!

Adding a deck or a patio to your home is certainly something to look forward to, but it is also something that you need to consider carefully. Fortunately, Renovec is here to help you determine the possibilities and costs of such a project.

Benefits of Having A Deck or A Patio

You might be asking, what can I benefit from constructing a deck or a patio in my back yard? There are many reasons why a deck or a patio is an essential component of a house and goes beyond the extra space that it gives. Let us enumerate some of them.

Reduced Lawn Care And Maintenance 

While for some people a large sized beautiful lawn is desirable, for others the amount of time and energy for caring and maintaining an immaculate lawn can be very exhausting. If you are one of those people who simply are too busy to properly maintain all the grass and flowers, then a patio can certainly help you solve the problem.

Depending on your chosen materials, most of the time, a patio is very easy to maintain. You just need to pressure wash it from time to time to keep it clean. Additionally, in case of low lying areas, a patio allows you to walk from the outside of your home to the inside without getting your shoes or clothes muddy.

Aesthetic Purposes

Patios and decks easily beautify any home structure. To make the space even more attractive, you can add stylish chairs or couches to comfortably sit with your loved ones. A properly constructed patio enables you to experience your home in a completely new way you have never dreamed before.

Serve As A Viewing Deck

There are times when all we want is some quiet time by ourselves. Having a patio or a deck can give you a magnificent view of the surroundings that we normally take for granted. This would be the perfect place to relax while drinking your favorite coffee or reading your latest book.

Creating Special Moments With Loved Ones

While patios and decks are merely extra space, it is where bonding moments take place and where special memories are created. A simple BBQ party while playing games with the kids is a great way to spend the weekend and relax as you prepare for the coming week.

Adding Value To Your Property

Constructing a patio and a deck can be pricey, but remember, a beautiful and highly functional patio will certainly add much value to your current home. When a place looks extraordinary, you can easily negotiate a higher selling price of the property you own, should you decide to sell it in the future.

Offering The Best Financing Options
Unlike many other companies, when it comes to financing,
Renovec keeps it simple, easy and convenient for you.
We are currently offering 18 Month Interest Free Financing!
Pro Tips For Constructing Your Desired Decks or Patios
1. Planning For Your Patio and Deck Project

While definitely exciting, it’s good to keep in mind that adding a deck or a patio to your home isn’t something to be taken lightly. It will take a lot of planning, so it is very important to have a clear idea in mind as to what you want your project to look like. First, you should carefully choose the location where you want your deck or patio. Your choice of the location should complement the home’s overall aesthetics and the existing landscape.

Next comes the design. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want, as there are many designs to choose from. You may want an open deck or patio, or you may choose to have your deck screened to keep out the bugs. You may even choose to consider gazebos for decks for that special look.

After you pick the design, you should then start thinking about what materials best suit your design. The features you want to have with your deck or patio will also determine the type of materials to use. For instance, would you want to use fiberon composite decking or wood? Would you want your deck railing designs to feature cable deck railings or vinyl deck railing? Perhaps you’re also considering motorized outdoor shades or even an outdoor fireplace?

2. Deck And Patio Construction

For people who have the knowledge, time, energy and equipment, they choose to take the DIY route when constructing a deck or a patio. For most people who don’t have the know-how or the time, getting the perfect deck or patio boils down to choosing competent hardscaping companies to get the job done.

Renovec has built a reputable name for itself in the deck and patio installation industry in Maryland, because of the quality of our services. Our comprehensive portfolio of finished projects, along with overwhelmingly positive reviews have demonstrated our dedication and ability to construct your dream deck or patio. Renovec consists of highly skilled engineers and crews to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Having completed so many different projects, we are able to work with any custom project.

3. The Use And Functions Of Your Patio And Deck

If you determine that a patio or a deck project is what you want, you now need to give your idea some substance. You can start by poring over pictures of decks online in order to get patio and/or deck ideas. Better yet, our representatives can show you pictures of past projects that may help you decide on what to go for.

Many features can be built into your deck or patio. Perhaps you’d like built-in seating or maybe you’d want an alternative like fiberon composite decking instead of real wood? You may even decide on a deck gazebo, a patio fence or even deck fire places. Whatever you desire, it’s better to plan for these additions now instead of inserting them after construction has started. This way, you get to set aside an adequate budget and you get to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

4. Make Sure Your Deck or Patio Offers Desired Capacity

You should always maximize any space you set aside for a deck or a patio. After all, you never know how popular your property will become after you put the features in. As an experienced deck and patio company, we always help our clients determine the most cost-effective strategy. For you to be able to entertain adequately, it’s very important to make sure that there is ample space for guests to lounge around comfortably.

Planning ahead by having built-in lounges put in, or making arrangements for deck chairs and stools is something that is definitely called for. A bar and barbeque area would also be great additions to the patio or deck. Make sure the capacity of your deck and patio project matches with what you want to use the area for.

5. Budgeting For The Unexpected

Every construction project comes with its own share of surprises. Perhaps the ground is too soft and needs extra preparation. Or, there are underground structures in the way of foundation such as pipes or even sewage tanks. No matter what it is, these things eat into your construction budget and must be planned for.

Getting blind price estimates based on square footage alone is a dangerous practice. It usually leads to disappointing oversight that ends up costing you significantly more. To avoid or even eliminate these setbacks, our company will give you a cost estimate based on the actual observations of your property. Having our crews do a feasibility survey on your property allows us to give you a reasonably accurate idea of the costs involved. The goal of our estimate is to free our clients from any burden of having to shell out more than you have planned.

As one of the most reputable hardscaping builders in Maryland, we take great pride in our work. Our company’s reputation as a competent, innovative and honest service provider is something we deeply cherish and serves as your guarantee of a superb patio and deck project.

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Free consultation about your deck and patio project!

Free consultation about your deck and patio project!

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